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Atlantis Rapid Bus Stop Moved

Now that we've moved in to the Atlantis and my wife spent part of today riding the RAPID bus line that runs between the Atlantis/Peppermill/Convention Center area and downtown Reno, we have the following report:
  • You can buy a day pass from the driver, not just from ticket-vending machines.

  • The RAPID stops visible in my Renovation Preview (the small green shelters) have been temporarily moved a block south due to construction. The shelters themselves are gone and there are temporary signs marking the bus stops.

Business Meeting: No Proxies

I don't speak officially for Renovation or WSFS, but I'm sufficiently experienced in the ways of WSFS and the Business Meeting (which I've chaired multiple times) to be able to answer a question that people send me about the WSFS Business Meeting:

In order to vote at the WSFS Business Meeting, you have to be an attending member of the convention and you have to be present in the room when the vote happens. You cannot vote in advance, by proxy, or by any method other than being in the meeting. WSFS is run like a New England Town Meeting, and you represent yourself and nobody else.

The Business Meetings are Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 10 AM in RSCC A02. There's a Sunday meeting in the schedule, but that will only happen if the meeting doesn't finish all business by the end of the Saturday meeting. The last time that happened was 1992, so even with the hefty agenda before the meeting this year, I'd be surprised if we went into an overflow session.
Read more about our gaming activities, including a Dominion tournament and Summit Arcane: a LARP set in the world of Jim Butcher's Dresden Files. See www.renovationsf.org/program-gaming.php.

Renovation - Artist Alley Schedule

We have now confirmed the schedule for Artist Alley - see www.renovationsf.org/art-alley.php.

Renovation - Program Grid Now Available

You can now download the Program Grid - see www.renovationsf.org/schedule-main.php. Note that the grid is aligned to the main Pocket Program so will not include updates since the Pocket Program went to print.

Renovation - Streaming the Hugos

Confirmed video streaming arrangements for the Hugo Award Ceremony. Hugos will available via Ustream at www.ustream.tv/channel/worldcon1.
Meet authors, artists and other professionals at our kaffeeklatsches and literary beers. See www.renovationsf.org/program-kk.php.

Renovation - Stroll with the Stars

Check out the confirmed guest list for Stroll with the Stars, between 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. every morning during the convention. Details at http://www.renovationsf.org/program-stroll.php#reno.
PLEASE note that our membership team is now on its way to Reno ... please do not send any membership transfers, CoAs or other information to us by email at this point. Any changes agreed from now on need to be handled in person at the convention. Many thanks!

Business Meeting Schedule Estimates

Up-front disclaimer: I am not in an official position on the Renovation committee regarding the Business Meeting. I am not on the head table staff. I am speaking only for myself, and I am a participant in some of the issues mentioned in the events about which I am discussing in this message. My point of view is not necessarily neutral, and I don't pretend to be impartial. Anyone who thinks I'm speaking officially for anyone or any organization, including Renovation or the World Science Fiction Society, is wrong and is asking to be ridiculed. Got it?

This year's WSFS Business Meeting has a very full agenda. People have asked me (because I've attended a lot of these meetings and chaired quite a few of them) if I can tell them when they have to show up to just vote on the one thing they care about. Unfortunately, that's nearly impossible given the way the meeting works through its agenda. However, starting with this entry I have taken a shot at trying to estimate how long the various pieces of submitted business will take.

My speculations are estimates and the Business Meeting could rearrange everything at the drop of a motion, so if you rely too much on this, you may turn up and discover that your pet subject was pushed to the front and you lost your chance to vote. The Business Meeting procedures, by historical precedent and tradition, are geared to favor those people who make the commitment to spend the entire three scheduled hours in the meeting. I'm not commenting on whether that's a good thing or not; it's just how things are.

Remember that every attending member of Renovation is a member of the Business Meeting and can attend, debate, and vote on business. There's no "visitors gallery," no elected representatives, and you don't appoint proxies or vote in advance. Everyone represents him/herself. (At Westercon, one of the attendees said, "I'm just an attendee, not a member," and seemed surprised when I told him "If you're wearing a membership badge, you're a member and you can vote.")

SF reference: In The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, remember the provisional Congress of Free Luna? The WSFS Business Meeting works a little bit like that. I sort of wondered if Heinlein had attended a WSFS Business Meeting before writing the book.

If you think I was speaking officially for Renovation, the WSFS Business Meeting, or the World Science Fiction Society, go back and read the disclaimer at the top of this post.