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Photo request

Does anyone have a photo from the former Worldcon chairs photo session? If so, would it be possible for me to get a copy of one?

Deeley boppers rule!

I would like to offer some positive suggestions for future Worldcons to avoid some of the problems I experienced in Reno. If anyone would really like to read my ranting and complaining, there's a 2-part con report giving both positive and negative experiences at my own LJ. This, though, is not the place for that.

1. Calling a convention area "non-smoking" when it is in fact very smoky, not accessible without walking through a smoking area, and just an escalator ride above a smoke-filled casino was very inaccurate and misleading. It would be far more helpful for those of us with respiratory disabilities to delineate areas as either 100% smoke free or not 100% smoke free. Anything in a building that allows smoking where the smoking and nonsmoking areas are not separately ventilated, or share the same elevators, is not 100% smoke free. It would help if someone who is sensitive to smoke (not hard to locate in fandom) were to be assigned to work on the description for the website and con publicity.

2. If there is an area that is not 100% smoke-free, it is a very bad place to put open filking in the evening, or any other time. The filk community has a huge number of people who are sensitive to smoke, and for some of us with respiratory disabilities such areas offer an accessibility problem.

3. It is always preferable to have all evening activities - especially room parties and open filking - in the same building, or at least adjacent. Otherwise, it can end up being an either/or choice for some of us.

4. At many past Worldcons, in my recollection ('04. '05. '06, '08) an area has been set aside for secure storage of musical instruments, with evening access. It would be nice to bring this back.

Information from concoms or bidders for future Worldcons giving information as to the smoke-free status of facilities, the distance planned between evening filking and parties, and whether instrument storage will be available would be much appreciated.

I am a Communication Studies professor and fan is doing research on Worldcon.
This will be the third survey of Worlcon attendees that is part of a larger
ongoing project on the history, structure and organization of Worldon. When the
con is over please fill in a short online survey (10-15 minutes). It asks for
some demographic info and about your experiences at this con as well as some
questions about any previous volunteering or con organizing you have done. If
you filled in the survey in a previous year please also fill in this one. You
will be prompted to skip some questions but your info about this year's con is
much appreciated. The survey is at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/Renovation


 If you want further info, contact June Madeley at  jmadeley@unbsj.ca. Please circulate
this link widely to anyone who has attended Renovation.

Thank you for your assistance with this research.


Food, Glorious Food

Where have you found food near the Worldcon site?

Preliminary Business Meeting Report

I am not an officer of the WSFS Business Meeting, but I've posted my own unofficial report of what happened at the Preliminary Business Meeting on Thursday.

At-Con Newsletter Online?

Is the At-Con Newsletter going to be posted online? It may be there already, but I've looked pretty thoroughly and can't find it, so I figured it's time to ask.

UPDATE: Links to PDF copies of the newsletter now appear on the front page of the convention website. I have not read any of the issues yet due to a slow internet connection, but am glad they are being made available.

Ray May Fire

For those of you who drove up US-395 to get to Reno and wondered what the huge column of grey smoke was, it's the "Ray May" fire. The plume of smoke from the fire is visible from my room at the Peppermill.
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Atlantis penny-pinching

I thought the "energy surcharge" rip-off had died years ago, much of it in a blaze of class-actions against hotels who didn't inform customers before their stay. The con rate at the Atlantis is inflated as it is, but they are adding an extra $3/night that we were never informed of.

Visit Bodie

If you drive between California and Reno along US-395, I recommend stopping in California at Bodie (at SR-270). It's a really nice ghost town (old mining town).


They sell water at the museum and there are a couple of water fountains, but I recommend that you bring a bottle of water for each person. And bring hats, sunscreen, snacks, and most definitely a camera.

Edit: A better URL: http://www.bodie.com/

One More Edit: Bodie is at 8,400 feet (Denver is at 5,280 feet). Be careful with altitude sickness. I had to sit a couple of times.